Common weed of field edges and wasteland, varying in size according to conditions, can be a tiny rosette with a single stem, or a larger lush plant. Tiny white flowers and heart-shaped seed capsules.

 As ever, always wash leaves thoroughly if picked from outside your own garden.

 From PFAF database:
The leaves contain about 2.9% protein, 0.2% fat, 3.4% carbohydrate, 1% ash. They are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin C
 Leaves (Dry weight)
Water: 0 Calories: 280 Protein: 35.6 Fat: 4.2 Carbohydrate: 44.1 Fibre: 10.2 Ash: 16.1 Calcium: 1763 Phosphorus: 729 Iron: 40.7 Potassium: 3939 VitaminA: 21949 Thiamine: 2.12 Riboflavin: 1.44 Niacin: 3.4 VitaminC: 305

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